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Halshack (Jan 2019)- Destination Unknown (bonus show...music only)
December 30, 2018 09:14 PM PST
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Happy New Year folks!! Its 2019 and time to ring in the new year with a new bonus show (music only-theme series)


We're all so busy this time of year with Christmas and New Years that you never know where you will wind up. Hence the title..it might be a party out of town or a family get-together or just chillin' at home. Who knows right?

You may find yourself drunk as a skunk playing the fiddle naked in your neighbors rose garden..lol (GOD forbid) but it is New Year's Eve so whether your driving down the road to your buddies ho-down or your heading to see some awesome fireworks or even drivin' home to park it on the recliner, Halshack is sure to please your musical tastes and satisfy your new music fix.

Thanks for listening and sharing and as always you can find the tracklist posted at my website under SHACKLISTS.

EP 14 (Main Show) will be out by mid-Feb is the ETA. Stay tuned to everything Halshack at my website.



Halshack Ep. 13.5 (Light My Fire) Dec 2018--bonus show (music only)
August 21, 2019 11:15 AM PDT
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This was another show I had to take down from the servers. Now my capacity has doubled I can re-upload this to my feed.

This show got little publicity and has had the least amount of plays due to its release date. I put this out at Christmas 2018 so people could have fun around the campfire or a New Years party. Its a great chill show with lots of indie flavors and styles to burn the night away under the starry skies while lighting up the night with fun tunes.

Shacklist can be found at my website on the SHACKLISTS page. Enjoy this gem of a show on my podcast feed anywhere you can find the Halshack!! New episodes coming and new exclusives for Spotify in the works baby!

Hallowshack Ep 13.5 (Hallowshack)-music only bonus show 10-30-18
October 30, 2018 09:28 PM PDT
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Happy Halloween folks! Special theme show, all song titles or band names dealing with anything Halloween from death to dying to black to dark to killers. Ill post a track list on my website on the Shacklists page as soon as I get a chance.

So for now just enjoy a 1 hour music only party on the house from yours truly here at the Halshack Indie Rockcast.

You will hear new songs from past greats of the show as well as past hits and even some special "live" tracks from Savage Henry and the Future Thieves (new band from EP 13 "Lucky 13". Go check that out too if you have not yet.

Have a fun, happy, safe Halloween and as always hand those keys to your buddy and never drink and drive.



HALSHACK Ep 13 "Lucky 13" (10/29/18)
October 29, 2018 06:34 AM PDT
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Its the "Lucky 13" and time for the Halloween theme and the bonus ep "Hallowshack". This time around we got 13 very "indie" bands and artists with just the right amount of new flare meets familiar. We got a new popular band Fate Under Fire whose currently involved with the excellent Netflix TV show (13 Reasons Why).

We got some new staff members and writing review crew so please welcome Brandon Barnes and Nate Potts to the crew. Both of them come with decades experience working in FM radio and they have come on board in support of the show and our plight.

We got more new Paper Jackets exclusive tracks plus plenty other neat surprises including new acts from across the pond in Ireland and Great Britain.

Be sure to check out the new bonus episode (music only) the "Hallowshack". Gonna feature song titles (maybe a band name) dealing with all things Halloween from dark to black to death and dying. Gonna be a "hell of a party"..lol

As always, give me some time and all tracks for both new shows will be posted at the website.



Thanks for listening and enjoying!!

Ep 12.5 "ShackSlayers" (Sept 2018) ...music only
September 03, 2018 11:21 PM PDT
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For all you "Rockaholics" anonymous members out there. Its the best of Stealing Eden and SCS. Feast your ears on a 1 hour smackdown (music only) of these 2 metalriffic rock powerhouses!! IMO the best 2 mainstream rock ready bands I've discovered and for that matter the best 2 rock acts (BIG FMradio bands included) that we've had the pleasure of showcasing in the past decade!! These 2 bands stack up against some of the best that have ever graced the stage pros or indie! TOO GOOD TO BE UNKNOWN!!

You can find the tracklist at my website under Shacklists.


And reviews for both these bands from our excellent staff.


Find us on Podomatic, Spotify, Itunes, Castbox and PlayerFM as well as others.


Thanks so much for rockin' and sharin' the Halshack.

Halshack EP 12 "Able to Label" (7-14-18)
July 14, 2018 10:28 AM PDT
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Halshack has been granted a rare opportunity to breakout an upcoming band that has an officially endorsed cover of HUGE MEGA 1983 hit "Stand Back" by Stevie Nicks! She enlisted them to make it by way of mutual management team for the stellar band "PAPER JACKETS" and loved it! Its been authorized for exclusive pre-release on my show only!! WOW!! Thanks so much to the music elites and the management staff and to Stevie Nicks for allowing me this incredible honor!!

We've also got a slew of new artists plus past greats that are sure to aim to please the potential audience that may be listening in on this show. Ive got word from some various sources that the Halshack may be stirring the music pot just enough to cook some attention from a number of important gurus in the biz!

We've got another past Fox TV star, this time someone who used to play on "New Girl", she's all grown up and ready for the spotlight!

There's even a former American Idol Season 11 star in the mix fronting a nifty band from the capital of my home state (Raleigh, NC)

Catch us now on Podomatic, PlayerFM, Castbox, Spotify and Itunes as well as many others.

I'll add more later.....getting it on the web now! updated...7-14-18

Halshack Ep 11.5 (Narrow Plains) Shackstars series- Mar 2018
August 20, 2019 07:18 PM PDT
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This is a re-release from Mar 2018. I had to drop it from Podomatic to make room but these awesome guys at PODOMATIC just doubled my storage space!! Thanks fellas! Sooooo....they are back.

NARROW PLAINS, what an outstanding acoustic trio from London, UK. They won a contest to come to America to North Carolina and worked with famed producer John Davenport and even had an interview with me and I got to see them play out a show at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC.

These chaps have had their music featured on BBC radio all over the UK and are steadily growing their base at about 70k strong! I'm proud to know these good gents and look forward to more quality tunes from these wooden wind pipes of England.

Find everything HALSHACK at my website , find all other 25+ shows at PODOMATIC or my Rockcasts page.

Find 4 exclusives at SPOTIFY!!

Hakshack Ep. 11.5 (Airport Impressions) Shackstars series Feb 2018
August 20, 2019 07:02 PM PDT
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This is a re-release from Feb 2018. I had to drop it from Podomatic to make room but these awesome guys at PODOMATIC just doubled my storage space!! Thanks fellas!

Sooooo....they are back. The eclectic boys from Malta. Airport Impressions has to be one of the most diverse, most original bands Ive ever heard. Errol Sammet, lead singer, can reach wondrous heights and breathtaking lows as he and his band of cronies take you on a journey of sights and sounds while they whisk you way to the busy streets of Berlin or the sunny skies of Ballymena. They are one awesome band and I for one stand behind them all the way...

I was included in the EPK to help this band get noticed by SONY!!! Very cool. Glad I could help.

SONY has recently partnered with these fellas on (Orchard) distribution deal with their new song "Faith" which we will hear SOOOOONNNN..lol on a new episode of the HALSHACK coming in August...(thinking its gonna be in a SPOTIFY exclusive)

Find all 25+ (posted) episodes of the HALSHACK here at Podomatic or on the interwebs..lol...GO find and listen, discover the magic!!

4 SPOTIFY (exclusives) shows you can only get there. Get your HALSHACK on Spotify today!!

Ep. 11 "New Beginnings" (1-25-18)
January 25, 2018 09:36 PM PST
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Happy New Year 2018!! Time to get crankin' with a new episode and all new 11 bands and artists to get your new year started off with a bang!!

There's even some Hollywood star talent in this show. A popular actor turned musician will be featured amongst many other rising talent hopefuls.

There's even an all-new me to present with a new mic setup, I'm sounding more professional and ready to take on the radio airwaves in any city anywhere USA/Canada/UK/Australia and wherever else people like good music and a happy endearing infectious host...me!!

So as usual I'm not one to tell you who is in the show until you hear it. My reputation proceeds itself, just hit the play button and you will be pleasantly surprised that you have stumbled across the best kept secret in indie rock/pop/alt radio. We are growing immensely and are now featured on Discover Unsigned Radio, Bombshell Radio, The Indie Bible, FIYA music platform as well as Podomatic, PlayerFM, Mixcloud, Fandalism, Halshack website, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for helping us to achieve success and for your continued support to help us reach our goals!!

I will be posting track lists for all episodes at my website as well as links where each episode can be heard. The track list for this show will be posted at a later date once its had its run. I don't believe in spoilers, I believe you should have no preconceptions when you hit the play button other than trust that I will not waste a minute of your time on non-marketable, non-mainstream radio ready bands that don't have proven reputations and tract records with at least some moderate success within their region of the world or maybe even globally.

In this episode there will be:
Alt Vault..2 songs
Funk Trunk..2 songs
Mystery Spotlight including Pop Stop....4 songs
Rock Block ....3 songs
Blues Grooves (Americana)..2 songs

Within these segments I award special tracks recognition.

Shacktrack Of the Month
Breakout Artist of the Month
Homegrown Artist of the Month (Local North Carolina and SC acts)

All-new award for Ep. 11
Songwriter award ..thinking of calling it the Shack Muse

So listen and find out who wins the all-new Shack Muse of the Month!!

OK ya'll Ive yammered enough and I'll probably be adding more at a later time....lol









P.S. be sure to look for 11.5 "Shackstars", there will be 2 versions floating around for Airport Impressions and Narrow Plains. Why is there an 11.5 and why is there 2 versions? Oooohhh..Im' soooo glad you asked..lol

Well since this show also runs on 2 radio stations Bombshell Radio and Discover Unsigned, I have 2 hour time slots to fill so I make an extra 45 min showcase on past talent and officially with this release they will be full cd's. (Well as much as I can fit anyway..lol) There will be no me just music and you can find a track list posted on the podcast and at my website.

Now I made 2 versions cause frankly I couldn't decide who to use and who to keep back for episode 12 Shackstars and I thought I would let the radio stations play both if they wanted or they could choose. Plus these camps are just so nice about sharing and spreading the love all around for the Halshack that I shall always try to return the favor for these so helpful ladies and gents.

Thanks again folks!! See you soon for Episode 12!!

Halshack Ep 10 (Battleshack) Oct 2017
August 24, 2019 12:06 AM PDT
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Battleshack 2 results show Ep. 17 is just around the corner so I thought since PODOMATIC expanded my space I would give you folks a chance to hear this cool episode and download it.

This was the results show for the Battleshack 1 released on Oct 15, 2017! Check out the show and listen as we countdown the most popular acts from our first group of about 35 to 40 acts from our first 3 years in operation!

You could go find the (Shacklist) at my website to see who won but where's the fun in that?

I will admit my audio is rough, hence the re-boot with new audio equipment and new bands for Ep 11 Jan 2018!!

Go check out the early roots of the show. It had its charm but greener pastures were ahead for the HALSHACK!!

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