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Halshack (POPIFY 5) Spotify Exclusive (Dec 2019) official release to the RSS feed 3-22-20
March 22, 2020 01:28 AM PDT
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Its POPIFY 5 (Spotify Exclusive)!! Only the best music makes a Popify episode and this may be the best one yet! Certainly the longest and chocked full of pop infused styles across several different genres. I will not double up on songs in these shows. Each Popify episode contains exclusive music that can only be heard in these episodes. Somewhere in each show there is a hidden gem or 2 or 3 that you will only find in this series and no where else in my podcast feed shows. Very rarely will you even hear a same artist in this series.

Well folks "In Spite of It All" we made it!! 5 years down over 100 artists, over 50 episodes including 6 Spotify exclusive shows. Over 400 individual potential hit songs have been played or aired! Over 70k subscribers and growing including plays and broadcasts from over 70 major US markets and over 70 countries have enjoyed the Halshack universe and musical empire. This is how "Legends Are Made" folks! Start BIG with a grass roots movement by not getting involved with "Bad Company" and finding good people to help grow your plight!

"Schools Out" for the winter break and while everyone is enjoying their "Fortunes" of Christmas gifts and holiday cheer, you should not take for granted your "Beautiful Life". "I Cant Be" your property but I can be your good time in the car and "Everything Will Be Alright" with the Halshack in tow as you have "No Walls" around you in search of "Something More" from your musical experience.

Its now "Time" for the show to expand and open its doors for business as we ride the "Rising Tide" for the "Coming Attraction" that has not yet shown "Who" that person is that will help me grow to the next level whether it be a new woman in my life or a new partner. I shall have "Faith" that this new partnership or love interest or both will be a match made in Heaven as I hope we "Belong Together" and won't be feeling very "Green" today as Johnny!

Look for a new named based show coming to the main feed in January (The Name Game) dealing with song titles with names of people, places, roads or months. Goes along well with the Living Wilds bonus show just released. All subjects covering people, animals, and nature.

Enjoy all the shows at Spotify or anywhere on the web!!


SPOTIFY has since retracted my show from being on their service and cited that "Spotify for Podcasters was not meant to be used as a music distribution tool" even though they "KNEW" full well I was on their site for a year because they had to approve me then they removed me.

HAHAHA! Its ok I know what it is. Im a way better playlister than anybody they could possibly find or hire and they dont like it. I have more knowledge and experience than they ever will!

Lets bring indie out front, the way it should be!

Halshack Ep 18.5 (The Living Wilds) Dec 2019- Bonus...music only
December 25, 2019 01:56 AM PST
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Merry Christmas everyone!! Giving you the gift of music Halshack style!!

The Living Wilds is all about people, animals and nature. We all live as one on this giant rock of a planet we call home. As Halshack looks forward to brighter days for the show we also look forward to philanthropy of the highest order by helping all walks of life coexist as one and make sure we are doing our duty to protect mother Earth from all dangers the Living Wilds can present by helping nature to not be consumed by human neglect.

We are all Gods creatures and the planet as well. He gave us this planet so we could have life and eat of the fruits and labors we all contribute too. Lets not forget what provides for us and care for her so she continues to thrive all mankind!

Find the Halshack on all major music services!! Thanks again folks for rockin' the Halshack!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Halshack Ep 18 (LIGHT MY FIRE TOO) Dec 2019 ...Season 3 reboot
December 03, 2019 11:48 PM PST
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50th episode released in total!!

Ep 18 (Light My Fire TOO)...Dec 2019! Season 3 reboot!!


I was a little "loose" with my language this show (just having fun!) and there's a new Euro band (PAPYLLON) with some adult content!

I had to at least warn you that the HALSHACK "grew up" this show, now its time to "blow up" and start work on the next level of my entertainment juggernaut!


SPECIAL DEBUT RETURN to the scene in 6 YEARS...

EMILY MORRIS (American Idol Season 11)..."absolutely pristine angelic vocal"

Debuting new bands and artists LIGHTHOUSE, PAPYLLON, SARAH LIGHTMAN,BRANDON BASSIR, FUTURE SELVES, AMANDA COOKSEY, ROB GEORG, DUSTIN WUTSCHKE collab track (with Halshack and Christina Soto) and MIKE BAUER (ooooooh... very smooth track named "Wild")

New tracks from SAM TINNESZ and LOW BODIES and round it out with a couple returning powerhouse "hits" from Spanish rocker JACK BISONTE and talented producer JAEM.

LOOK FOLKS!! I'm just having a little fun here with my show and the subject matter. Anyone who knows me and has been long time fans of the show knows that my LUCK and TIMING has been that of LEGENDS and my LIFE and SHOW are truly CONNECTED and INTERTWINED in more ways that I can count or even begin to understand. My friends and family knows that I have been trying to DATE (since the CRASH of my life in February 2019) at every turn with no luck so I thought I'd see if anyone listening might want to give it a shot and get to know me a little bit. I'm being a little MUCH in the show I know...LOL. I felt good making this show and everyone knows I like to pick and joke around! I'm not conceited in anyway I was just having a lot of fun this show being Mr. Dashing and playing off the song titles and subject matter!

HALSHACK is a persona, its me, but its not really ME. I'm keyed up, talking like a radio presenter, stuff like that is for the show!

I've got the burning passion desire for ROMANCE, FUN, ADVENTURE, LOVE and MUSIC and PASSION for life and all things fun and humorous! Anything I can do to help better human kind and it starts with tiny gifts of good music to help soothe your soul. I'll move on to BIGGER and BETTER gifts to humanity as I gain stature. It's time ladies for me to start the journey for my future life. I'm looking for a lady who might have some interest in my life and would like to get to know my heart. I would LOVE to know yours! I'm easy to talk too and approach. I can talk about anything and am interested in EVERYTHING! But surefire way to connect is to talk about the show and bands and music and if you're a special lady singer, well we just may be two peas in a pod..lol

I've got a HUGE HEART to give and want mine spoken to or better yet SUNG TO!!...lol

As usual its ALL about TIMING with me and it just so happens to be that time in my life when I'm ready for the next phase and I'm beginning to understand what type of woman I need in my life and that would be a passionate woman thats in the business or can be in the business like a SINGER or a P.R. person. (I really kind of feel the singer vibe) and this show of course would happen to line up with that in my life and most of the song titles being about loving a woman or just meeting the right one at this time. I cant help the timing. Its no surprise I'm single, I've mentioned the terrible effects my life have endured over the last year in past episodes. But now I'm ready to move on. Its the ONLY time I've ever USED my show to talk to women and I will never again. If this works and I find the right woman to move forward then that prevents me from wasting my time with the wrong one and stagnating my life, there would be no need to play to the ladies hearts again because I'll be happy in LOVE (I hope) and ON MY WAY. PLUS its just the subject matter of the show, again all about timing. Wasn't my plan, just worked out that way!

"these are song titles from the show"..I like to play around with titles from the show and make paragraphs with them

I AM looking for MY "Little Queen on Fire" that could be the brightest "Shining Star" of my life! I'm hoping I can at least chat with a special woman to see where it might lead! Take a leap of faith with me and lets break the ice with a little heat and maybe there might be "Something in the Air" and we "Catch Fire" so we might hit that special frequency and we're talkin' all night long! Don't know unless we try ladies.

I'm easy to find (Facebook, Twitter, Halshack contact page at website) and I'm "Easygoing", that's just me..lol

Find the Halshack on all major music services and also of course the show website!!


Halshack Ep 18.5 (Burning Bright) Dec 2019.....Bonus show, music only
December 03, 2019 10:54 PM PST
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Bonus companion show for Ep 18 Light My Fire Too. Enjoy this romp of fire, light, day and all things bright as we continue on our journey to find the bright light at the end of the tunnel for the Halshack plight!

Thanks for listening! Hope you enjoy my passion as its burning bright for love and music!

Find the Halshack on all major music platforms!

Thanks for rockin' and tweetin' the shack!!


Halshack Ep 17.5 (Global Grooves) Nov 2019..Bonus show
November 07, 2019 05:45 PM PST
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This time around, I bring you GLOBAL GROOVES! Rounding out the last of the location series we leave the grand ole' USA and Canada for the wild blue yonder..lol

Covering the rest of Halshack's acts from across the world! As I usually boast, this is some of the best talent out there folks!

Keep your ears ready for the new Season 3 Ep 18 reboot coming in December! "LIGHT MY FIRE TOO" featuring a whole slew of new bands/artists and new songs to cozy up to a fire to or feel the fire passion burning inside like a bright light of sunshine!

DISCLAIMER-- The 2 new bands at the top will be featured in a prominant way with new music from them as well in EP 18. I will not be releasing the names of the bands or the songs from these 2 acts until after the release of 18.

Ep 18.5 (Burning Bright) will be the bonus show!!

Find the Halshack on most major music services!!

Thanks for being a fan and supporting all these great indie acts. It really means alot. I appreciate it and so do the artists!


Halshack Ep 17.5 (Echoes of the Heartland) Oct 2019- bonus show, music only
October 25, 2019 08:35 PM PDT
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NEW MUSIC ALERT!!! Lots of new tunes! Texas faves Polaroid Summer and Versecity (same lead singer) are both drillin' up new tunes and albums to feast our ears of delight on and awe! I swear his vocals just get better! Wow!

Bringing up the rear, were droppin' new tunes from Uks and The Notionaries as well as diggin' deep into the basement cellar to get all "Made Up" for a Halloween party and pulling out some tracks that havnt been heard in a year or not been in rotation in many years (Savage Henry)

The Heartland of the USA bares many crosses as the main providers of corn, oil, and many of our fave winter vacation hot spots!

It also bares many disasters as we have seen far too many horror stories in the mid-west from a mixed bag of the nastiest kind of weather to sounding like "Trains" rumbling all across Oklahoma and Kansas. The Uk's have finally found their "Waxwings" as they landed in Missouri. Glad they could fly in for the party before we keep this road trip across the USA rollin'!

"If You Want My Love" Arkansas, then you need to help the PRICECREW find their safe place in the music business they can call home.

Houston has been in the "Eye of the Storm" more times than we can count yet Texas holds strong and in "The End" always triumphs! VERSECITY camp may have lost their studio and equipment and delayed their new cd but what they gained is so much more valuable. LIFE and a chance to record again with the lead (Walker) charging on as the new camp Polaroid Summer! The horror of Hurricane Harvey bringing his "Battle Ready" name and status brought out the "Monster" in Walker to push on with the guys and finally complete Versecity's new album.

Westward we head to the warmer skies of Arizona for a little visit with Father Time and catch up on his "Fan Fiqtion" before we dredge on to the snowy mountaintops of Colorado and Utah to "get high" in the Rockies with our pals Savage Henry whom we "Cant Get Enough" of and there's certainly "No Sleep" for the wicked this Halloween with VoxEagle tagging along. While you're there be sure to take "Another Brick" from the wall while you're feeling "Comfortably Numb" with Savage Henry and their tribute band (WISH WE WERE FLOYD) making a rare appearance (Sat Nov 2, 2019) at The ARMORY in Brighton, CO...show starts at 8pm (then we gotta get going..lol)

All good journeys have a time for ending as we approach the Great Plains of Wyoming "As We Ran" with the National Parks and through the Teeton National Forest! Montana is one of the last true rugged (old) western frontiers. It beckons back to a time of when things were simpler and not so robust as the rest of the world. Makes you feel like you're living a "1950's Life" with Jael Johnson.

As we come to our final stop of the Heartland of "Merica" I have come to realize that 2 important additions to the Halshack were overlooked on our trip to hear the "Wonders of the West Coast". Brittany Bouchard said "I Will Be Yours" California when she made her BIG move from Florida to the golden shores of the west bringing her country pop vibe in tow.

We make another trip back around to Oregon because Tyler Stenson was on a ride on his "Good Comet" when we came around to visit with his awesome glowing vocals that continue help keeping the Halshack on a righteous path and "Steady as I Go" on my journey to conquer the music world!

Find the Halshack on all major music services or my website!


Have a happy and safe Halloween folks!

Be sure to download or stream (Ep 13-Lucky 13) and (Ep 13.5 -Hallowshack) for some cool holiday fun!!

Halshack (Popify 4) Spotify Exclusive (Oct 2019) limited release to the RSS feed
March 12, 2020 09:25 AM PDT
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Welcome to the fabulous Halshack and the wondrous POPIFY series. Its #4 in the run and, just like its predecessors, it focuses on not just pop music but a whole mix of pop infused styles from many genres.

Find all my other great shows on Spotify too. Theres a few not posted so you can find them everywhere else you can find the Halsahck like Podomatic, Iheart or Itunes or my website.

Show is growing tremendously folks. Please give me a follow!! Thank you!


Halshack Ep 17 (BATTLESHACK 2) Oct 2019 --Main show
October 13, 2019 04:19 PM PDT
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Top 10 baby!! Alright the time is here. You asked for it, the fans voted on it so you guys built your very own playlist!

All my fans did an excellent job picking us a very diverse playlist out of this round of 45 plus contenders! It comes down to taste and who participated but they gave us nice overall look of some of the exquisite talent that can be found buried all through out my shows!

All 45 of these acts have had some kind of success in the indie music biz whether it be radio airplay or opening for National acts or having their music played in TV shows and commercials! Its all top quality and hard to choose who is "better" so with that said just sit back with your favorite music listening device and enjoy these sounds from around the globe. 4 US artists, 1 Canadian, 1 Irish and 4 from England round out this list of bonafide true quality players. vocalists, songwriters and skilled musicians.

Some of the BEST talent in the world folks and it can ONLY be found under my label!

Thanks again for all the support and thanks again to all the fans for a hell of a playlist. This is just awesome!

PS>>>>>>>>If you dont trust me, if youre a new fan and have never heard my show!

THEN DO ME A FAVOR!! Go listen to Spotify top 30 and then come check out my top 10 and hear the difference!!

Find us on all streaming services!


PS>>>>>> Thanks again to PLAYER FM for 11 PODCAST of the DAY awards!!

ERROR CORRECTION >>>>>> I apologize for making a name error in the show. HELEN AUSTIN with the Big Little Lions is her correct last name, not SLATER. I meant to check that for sure before I made the final cut and it was honestly just a mistake that I feel terrible about.

Halshack Ep 17.5 (SHACKCREDIBLES 2) Oct 2019--Bonus show, music only
October 13, 2019 04:04 PM PDT
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This is the second portion of the Battleshack 2 (honorable mentions) bands that got the next most round of votes to fill my time at the radio stations and your musical appetite.

Sort of like an 11-20. Special mention to National Parks and their "As we Ran" obtaining the most votes for this group of 10 semi-finalists. The next 4 got equal votes and the last 5 got equal votes so I grouped it together the best way I could into a "flow" that I normally do in a bonus show.

Please enjoy these very worthy artists of our top bands. Its apples to oranges folks, you may really enjoy these tunes alot more than what was in the top 10 and also the other 25 plus bands and artists that were conteding in the Battleshack. Some of our best singers and talent got very few votes so it depends on who is listening and who is supporting and voting. Thanks to all that voted in the Battleshack 2 and thanks to all these awesome acts for bringing us brilliant tunes and potential solid gold hits!!

Find the Halshack at my website and all major streaming services!


Halshack Ep 16.5 (NORTHBOUND SOUNDS) Sept 2019--Bonus show...music only
September 15, 2019 02:18 AM PDT
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Moving Forward as said by the excellent singer/songwriter Dustin Paul from NY, we are doing just that! keeping on with the Geo location theme we're trekking on northward to include all our great Northern USA bound acts.

Como Bros from NY coming in strong with 2 new songs!! These guys just really continue to up their A game!! Well done fellas!! Youve got a hit with MONEY for sure!! geez guys, the whole song and every freakin' lyric and word just screams $$$$$...lol (oh the irony and the relation every listener will feel from this song..its just one of those major clandestine hits in the making and folks guess what?? YOU HEARD IT HERE 1st on the HALSHACK baby!! They got a new one too about going back home and its just damn awesome!! Love me some Como Bros. You should too!!

From the windy city of Chicago through the brisk chill of the Ohio valley to the steel mills of Pennsylvania on up to the Big Apple and rounding out in the far north east at Hallowell, Maine. You will find the very best the USA has to offer in the indie unsigned market (that I have heard, that's the thing just like the BIG labels don't know about these acts, there's plenty I havnt heard yet..always on the hunt!!) from all types of rock, alt, pop infused genres!

This show arguably contains my best vocalists. Dustin Paul and Luis Feliciano of (Ode to No One) Como Brothers as well, Minshara, Heavy English..dag-on there is some damn fine talent in this show!!

I chose NYC and the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers as a symbol of a strong Northern character to be resilient and honorable!! We should all NEVER FORGET the tragedy that unfolded that horrific day in New York. I thought since Sept 11 was just a few days ago this would be the upmost time to pay some homage to the victims and their families.

Halshack will forever remember that day as will so many others that are in the hearts and minds for all people affected that day. I have found the best picture I could to symbolize those beautiful steel structures in all their glory! NEVER FORGET is tagged on the bottom with that dreadful black stain of a date in our nations history! We have been resilient as a nation but we have lost the true meaning of NEVER FORGET! America came together the most it had come together in decades.

What has happened to our countries UNITY? We should NEVER FORGET that as well................

Find the Halshack on all major music services or Halshack.com or google me!! I'm everywhere baby!!

Shacklist found at my website and as always thank you for supporting and rockin' the HALSHACK!!

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