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HALSHACK Ep. 9 (4-25-17) ALT, ROCK, POP (Brand new Music!!)
April 25, 2017 12:30 AM PDT
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Ep. 9 (4-25-17) new format!! Still the same great show!!


Brand new streamlined edition of the Halshack Rockcast!! Shows gotten too long so were trimming it down to get you "in and out" in just about an hour. Come on folks you've got an hour to spare right while your cleaning house, driving the car, working at your computer or working out at the gym.

Give us a download and you will discover that the Halshack is not playing around when he says "only the best indie rock, pop, and alt"

Halshack's bands and artists come with a long list of accomplishments from opening for National acts on worldwide tours, radio play on FM stations in various cities, TV interviews and numerous radio gigs. Fans ranging from 5,000 to 300,000 so these are no small potatoes bands and artists. They have proven track records to succeed in the ever growing music factory and some have potential to break out as world wide stars. Thats correct folks everyone of these fabulous artists are unsigned with no major label backing. (not that they are not worthy) We just havn't found the right deal yet or made the right contact or they simply want no label involvement and want to pursue their own path.

So we're doing it on our own Indie style!! Maybe one day with the right backing we can form our own major indie label without all the red tape and blurred lines. Until then we're plugging good music and Grade A talent till the cows come home and the pigs fly!! Wahooo!!!

So how about giving us a listen or download, you may even discover your new favorite band and want to help support their efforts.

Thanks for rockin the Halshack and getting us to over 100,000 total plays across all channels.


Lets keep it up Shackheads..lol
Share and tell everyone out there in Shackland that this is the new home for the freshest alt, pop, and rock this side of...well...anywhere!!

Thank you to all my bands, fans and followers!!

BE SURE TO VISIT THE WEBSITE (will be updating asap)
Videos, music, info about the bands and upcoming concerts as well as top notch Ace reviews from our bang-up writing staff and review crew made up of aspiring journalists and former major record label affiliate scouts with Road Runner Records.

Review page


new concerts and tours page


Halshack (Ep. 8) Aug 2016
March 11, 2018 12:13 PM PDT
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Episode 8 (Aug 2016)

I will be adding a track list soon. Otherwise, just enjoy another great episode from the Halshack.


Halshack (Ep. 7) Dec 2015
March 11, 2018 12:23 PM PDT
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Catch another great episode of the Halshack. I will be adding a track list soon.


Halshack (Ep 6) Aug 2015
March 12, 2018 12:22 AM PDT
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Another great episode from the Halshack.


Ep. 6 (Aug 2015) Shacklist

STEALING EDEN (Vancouver, CAN)- Thrown Away
UNCOUNTABLE KINGS (The UK's) (Kansas City, MO)- Holes in My Pocket
OPEN SAILS (Calgary, CAN)- Make You Move
SHADES OF J (San Clemente, CA)- Piece of Me
SAVAGE HENRY (Denver, CO)- 300 Miles
The FAMILY (Greensboro, NC)- Stray
NARROW PLAINS (London, UK)- Dreams, Choices
SPACESHIP DAYS (Raleigh/Durham, NC)- Fever Dream
WALLA (now Hoonch) (Los Angeles, CA)- Neon Love
SEVEN CIRCLE SUNRISE (Canton, OH)- Dead Love Letters
SPANK (Kernersville, NC)- Turkey Leg
TRITON (Charlotte, NC)- One
STEALING EDEN (Vancouver, CAN)- Never Give Up
The STARVING ARTISTS (Toronto, CAN)- Slowly
DREAM THIEVES (Columbus, OH)- So Suddenly
FRESH BATCH (Greenville, NC)- No More
The FAMILY (Greensboro, NC)- Day Dreamin'
NARROW PLAINS- Keep You Anyway, So Rewind
(original versions from the "So Rewind" ep)
SAVAGE HENRY- Hero (Memorial Day Tribute)
TRITON- If They Only Said (Mem Day Tribute)

Halshack (Ep.5)
March 13, 2018 11:33 PM PDT
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Ep. 5

Another great episode. This one had a full length interactive video to go along with it which can be found posted at our FIYA profile which can be linked to from my website.

Track list can be found soon on the Shacklists page at my website.


Airport Impressions (Let it Shine)....Malta
October 03, 2016 11:05 PM PDT
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Many lasting impressions this band leaves behind in their wake after a show or just listening to their very stylish professional sound.

Airport Impressions flying all the way in from the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta. There's no where in the world that's safe from the clutches of the Halshack!!..lol

Let it Shine.... off their 2nd album release "Marietta". Amazing song with thundering drums and stellar vocal work as well as a diverse fantastic rhythm section, its no wonder this band was my mystery spotlight for Episode 7.

Be sure to check out their excellent spotlight article written by master blogger M. Stuart Persson and be sure to take a listen to episode 7 where I featured 4 songs by this talented quartet from Malta!!

Spotlight article link

episode 7 direct link

Be sure to check out all the great songs, videos, other podcasts, pics, info, reviews and so much more info can be found at my website and my great writing staff at our Crews Views page.



Thank you for supporting indie music and rockin' the Halshack!!

facebook link for Airport Impressions


Airport Impressions (While You Wait)... Malta
August 08, 2017 10:46 PM PDT
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I swear this is the next BIG U2 type band. There hasnt been a U2 since well.... U2 (lol) but they have that sound and festival fare. Look for this band to be flying to airports all over the world and leaving good impressions in their wake. Also a little birdie told me I'm going to be featured in their EPK going out to several industry leaders and record labels for supporting their band and you'll find a nice quote from me and my website information.

Thank you to the management staff and the band members for supporting and teaming up with the Halshack.

Please see their other track for more band info.

The Civics (Nashville, TN)....Remember Me
June 05, 2017 04:07 PM PDT
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Excellent mainstream pop/rock sound from this up and coming vying act from Tennessee. Really good "radio ready" band that has shared the stage with several touring bands including American Idol winner Danny Gokey.

The guys have just released a new single for June 2017. See what you think of "The Civics"...thanks for rockin' the Halshack!



Civilized Tears (Nashville, TN)...Blue Sunrise
June 13, 2017 10:24 AM PDT
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The band and the singer in this group are quite brilliant. The different levels in this song are very complex, it shows a fanatical skill for writing and song arrangement. The vocalist is British and it works very well in his favor. He has a fantastic range and with Civilized Tears, they have played numerous concerts an even opened for National acts. Radio play and distribution across major outlets.

There's not enough good comments I can make about this song, the group, and the man behind the band Timothy Bennet-Smith. Ive had the pleasure of promoting and getting to know this act over the last couple of years. Tim has been busy helping his wife Bambi ,who is also the band's bass player, raise their 3 children. We will hopefully see this band get back into the "groove" of things as their children grow and time will allow Civilized Tears to be reborn. Until then, help them keep the dream alive and we will be waiting for their clandestine return to the music-sphere.

I feel this song represents the very best of the bands playlist but also the rest of their songs are very good too. Will be featuring some more of this band in future episodes of my show.

Be sure to find everything halshack at these links. listen to an epidose, play some songs, hit the download buttons, get the app on Google and Itunes, give us likes and comments and plylist adds. All these things help keep us up in rank on the charts.






Currently #1 alt chart, going for #1 overall at podomatic. Please help us get there....

Thank you for rockin' the Halshack!!

Dangermaker (Desdemona)...San Francisco, CA
August 08, 2017 11:45 PM PDT
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Brand new addition...an awesome rock band from California with a "HIT" song on their hands. This one I just featured in my new episode 9

These guys are in the studio workin' on a new cd. Looking forward to it..hope you are too.

Please see their other track for more band info.

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