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Halshack Ep 20 (LOCAL VOCALS) Aug 2020- Main show
August 02, 2020 01:44 PM PDT
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Ep 20 "Local Vocals" Aug 2020

New show featuring a new slew of local homegrown talent. Crossover show with my new exclusive spot coming on TAMBR. New music network solely for the indie artist!!

Be more on this bio later.....

Enjoy and as always find everything on Halshack.com including the new SHACKVIDS reboot of MTV style video shows!!

Have fun!!

Halshack Ep 19.5 (Reclamation Nation) June 2020
June 17, 2020 01:11 PM PDT
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Wow!! 2020 sure has been one helluva year and its ONNNLLYY June...lol.

So much has transpired as of late its hard to keep up with it all. Well..new announcements coming and a BIG LEAP forward for the Halshack.

We're here to "Conquer it All" baby!! More to this story later.....

Halshack (CANADA's EH-LIST) July 2019 official RSS feed 5-29-20
May 29, 2020 01:55 PM PDT
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I've been working with my own top quality bands from Canada for years and some just recently, either way, this is some of the absolute best unsigned undiscovered talent CANADA has to offer. If its better then I just don't know about them yet.

If it has my name on it then its guaranteed to be some of the most eclectic bands and engaging music you have heard in years. These Canadian bands are no exception. Technically brilliant bands and artists with soaring vocals and harmonies to boot just like the beautiful mountains and spacious skies of the GREAT WHITE NORTH!

Over 40k subscribers and growing!! Broadcasted and heard in over 70 major met USA markets and 70 countries around this giant rock we call mother Earth!!

Find me on every major music service including IHEART, ITUNES, STITCHER, and many more!! Just search Halshack or hit up my website!! Easy-peasy Weezy!!

Thank you so much for all the love and support.

Keep rockin' CANADA!!

Halshack (POPIFY 3) July 2019 ...official RSS rel 5-29-20
May 29, 2020 01:38 PM PDT
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ts POPIFY 3 ..Halshack style!! Only some of the best POP infused songs my library could conjure up! You're NOT going to find a better mix of finely crafted pop songs on the planet. These are real musicians, real singer-songwriters and bands bringing you the coolest pop tones and tunes anywhere on the globe!

Find my show at Halshack.com and the shacklist as well. Also you can find all episodes on every major music service under the sun! Have some summer fun on the house!! From yours truly HALSHACK!!

Halshack Ep 19.5 (MAZED REFLECTIONS) April 2020 ---Bonus show
April 21, 2020 02:37 AM PDT
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Lets all take some time to reflect while we are stuck in quarantine!

Well folks everyday is "ALL THE SAME" as we fight the lockdown blues. Some of you may be reflecting on life's choices and next moves or if youre like me youre "ON IT" till 3 or 4 in the morning working towards your new life and career path. We will all be making changes as we're "MOVING FORWARD" with life but its important to remember to "DONT LOSE YOUR HEAD" and try to stay focused during these trying times........

This story is a work in progress. Just catch up and reflect with your maze of personal reflections. Life will go forward folks!!

Just Enjoy!

Halshack Ep 19.5 (STAY HOME DON'T ROAM) Apr 2020...bonus show
March 31, 2020 01:27 AM PDT
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Ep 19.5 (Stay Home, Don't Roam) Apr 2020 ....bonus show, music only

A year ago today I left for Nashville, TN to start a clandestine journey into growing a colossal music juggernaut out some fine talented indie bands from the "backwoods" and "unknowns" of the world!! We have succeeded in building the coolest reputation for outstanding talent! Next step...conquer! We need investors. Start building a membership to offer exclusive content for the members! Build the base we can pay the staff and the bands!! I like this plan! Maybe you will too! Drop me a line and let me know what you think! Thanks so much!

Now to business at hand..lol

HOWDY PARTNERS!! HOW YA'LL DOIN'? (as we say here in the south..lol)

What ya'll doin' all sitting at home like that? Act like you're saving the world or somethin' by chillin' on your keester or mowin' the grass!..lol Oh wait YOU ARE SAVING THE WORLD!

THANKS SO MUCH for staying home and staying alive! ah ah ah ah Staying Aliiivvveee...oh sorry just having a little BEE GEES fun! ..lol

So while your cooped up at home and need some cool music to get you through your day then look no further than this "virus" free eargasm.

The CORONA VIRUS might have us all preoccupied at the moment but we all need music to turn too during these dark and uncertain times. I got a "cue" from Dave Cruttendan (owner of Discover Unsigned in the UK) from his facebook post about putting together a "hit" song virus playlist and well I was already struming my brain on this idea anyway. Thanks Dave for the push as well as the new video channel SHACKVIDS was inspired by Dave as well yet I was already on this in my brain...lol

I think Dave and I are just cut from the same cloth and on the same page. He's a bright dude and a good friend who helps so much with the indie music scene in the UK. So does Tizz Shearer too over at XRP!! You guys are the best!!

SO these song titles all have to do with some "Quarantine Blues" which was going to be the original name but I just thought that was too dark and its not all dark music. Anyway the song titles as usual were perfectly timed for yet another world event. These were the logical choices for song titles and for the rotation timing of most of these tracks AAANNDDD it perfectly fits with todays world theme. I cant make this stuff up folks.. I swear!

I pick songs based on rotation and theme then I start forming the play patterns by flow and genre, the kicker is the songs are the logical choice for that show but the songs have not been played recently or hardly at all or it was just time to kick that one back out again. Its just eerie and the subject matter will fit the timing. I dont plan this stuff folks. Lately Ive been taking cues from my show and life and just roll with it and its panning out to be a blast!!

Song Titles..I was gonna make a story with them but I think alot of this is just too damn funny and "more to make light heart of our lockdown blues" not to make light of the travesty that has destroyed so many lives and family members hearts.

HALSHACK is very sorry for your loss if any of my listeners have been affected by Covid-19. My prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

Have fun folks! You can find all my shows at Halshack.com

Check out the new VH1 or MTV style videos shows over at SHACKVIDS page


Find everything at my website including the playlist for this show at SHACKLISTS!

Halshack Ep 19.5 (Crewsin' & Musin') Mar 2020 ...bonus show
March 17, 2020 04:16 AM PDT
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HAPPY ST. PATTIES DAY!! Not very happy I know with this invisible enemy lurking around. Lets trade those frowns for a crown and let the KINGS of indie music be heard!....Just kidding..lol, but they are all really great bands!! Just listen for yourself and you will agree!

In this episode you will hear all bands and artists that have had a review from our excellent staff of professional bloggers and former major record label scouts!

Its ep 19.5 (Crewsin' and Musin')

Well folks the "WHISTLE KING" has blown his siren that everyone needs to "STAND BACK" and take a long hard look at our lives because "EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE".

So "WHILE WE WAIT" for our meds to be restocked and a vaccine to be generated lets all have some "VITAMIN K" to get the body healthy again so we can get this "PRICELESS" world moving again after the virus has run its course.

We will all need to "GET UP" off the couch from watching Netflix and Disney+ as well as rebound out of video game la-la land once life gets back to normal, whatever the new normal will be.

There should be plenty of "GASOLINE" around for your trip back to work and your errands too.
Will all be feeling "BETTER OFF" in the future not feeling like this is a "PLACE I WAS BEFORE" all this started so we can be prepared if it returns.

more to this story later....just wanted to get this published

As always find us on my most major music services or my website


Halshack Ep 19 (Precious Hearts) Feb/Mar 2020- Main show (New version rel 3-5-20)
February 29, 2020 10:32 PM PST
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New retooled version 2 (3-5-20) get it now!
Cleaned up my audio, added a new song, "enhanced" the audio for Monster, fixed an issue with Secret Social Club and the band Asking Alexandria that was a misunderstanding from a bio I read. I cut 5 mins of my banter to streamline the show, added a couple small bits I missed and polished it off with sped up breaks. Its a whole new show in essence and the show it should have been to begin with!! Have fun!

Brand new Season 3 reboot pt2!!!
Ep 19 (Precious Hearts)

Well folks, its still February (the month of LOVE) for one last day but its never too late to spread the message of music and good vibes.

This show was meant to be out before cupid flung his arrow but it didn't work out and as you listen to the show you will know why. Things had to play out the way they did for some very important music and new bands to make their way on to my radar literally up until the day (Feb 28th) when I started recording.

AIRPORT IMPRESSIONS has a world premiere of their brand new stellar track "Why are We Here" (just released on the 28th???...crazy!!) on this episode as well as a double mystery spotlight featuring 2 different bands. We got tons of new rock bands including one that just dropped their new track this week!! Heck yeah!! Their name is SECRET SOCIAL CLUB!

SHOW CORRECTION!! I made a remark in the show that a former member of Asking Alexandria is in SECRET SOCIAL CLUB. Well thats not true, they are friends and he helped put this band together but hes not in it, Their BIO was confusing and it wasnt clear on that subject. I feel very ashamed of this mistake.

We got new rock from South Carolina and Georgia as well as new tracks from some of our returning faves and new artists as well making their debut on this 2 hour HALSHACKGANZA!!

So much great news!! DEEZER will be adding my show hopefully soon and a new radio station from the US has found me on their horizon. 102.9 The Blazing Rock FM will soon be airing the Shack!! Thanks so much!

Catch the bonus ep 19.5 "Music is Love"!!

Find the Halshack on all your favorite music services or a radio station near you!!


Halshack Ep 19.5 (MUSIC is LOVE) bonus show... music only
March 01, 2020 01:58 AM PST
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New Music and New Band Alert!
Brand new songs! Ep 19.5 (Music is Love) bonus show, music only

Get lots of new stuff plus more PREACHERVAN!!

Have fun loving all this music and great tunes. For the LOVE of music and all things heart worthy!! Music and love comes in all shapes and sizes. Find out how big your heart is and what it means to you right here on this ride of love, hurt and all things in between.

Find us on all major music outlets!


Go listen to Precious Hearts
Ep 19 Main show

Thanks so much for enjoying the sow and becoming a fan!

Halshack- (The Scars of Triton)- SHACKSTARS- Jan 2020
January 25, 2020 03:02 AM PST
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Shackstars series (Best of power rock bands Triton and Scars Remain) from Charlotte NC.

These fellas have been important part of the Halshack early on in my career! I was extremely pleased to have this camp in my corner.

Several years ago Triton released full digital/cd album "First Orbit". After a few years of touring the band hit a HUGE snag in the production of their 2nd release and the band went on hiatus. Chris Rich singer landed an important new job and Jim Clardy drummer went to drum for BUSH cover band "GLYCERINE". Just saw them in Greensboro recently at Welcome to Grungeboro at the Blind Tiger!

In the meantime, the guitarist Kyle Spidel and bassist Andy Allen found a couple more great musicians to take up the reigns and form another fantastic harder more metal/rock band named Scars Remain. Scars has been tearing it up and playing some big festivals and garnering radio play.

Fast forward Summer 2019 and finally "Last Orbit" was finished and ready for release and Triton is back in business. The cd is JUST stellar and in my opinion these 2 rock bands are the best bands to EVER come out of NC. PRISON BREAK is one of the best rock songs I've heard in my life! TRUTH!!

Look for them sometime this year to share the headline stage with Spaceship Days at my first ever SHACKFEST in High Point, NC at AFTER HOURS CLUB!

Stay tuned to Halshack.com for all the details on the Shackfest!!

Find more great Halshack episodes on all major platforms!!

Shacklist at Halshack.com

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