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Halshack Ep 20.5 (INDIE FLAVORS 2)- Nov 2020-- bonus show (Shacklist at website HALSHACK.com)
November 18, 2020 10:49 PM PST
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The first time around Indie Flavors was such a HIT! We had serve up some more delicious tempting sounds for your ears and your brain to absorb!!

Try out a sample of just SOME of the diversity and fantastic talent you will find buried across 60 hours of content spinning on my brand new 24/7 radio station serving up new tunes for you all day long through my shows!!

Professional sounding vocal tags with station identification running in between the shows!

New content coming from new podcasts PRODUCER SERIES
and a new audio review show CREWS VIEWS TWO!!

Keep it here at the www.HALSHACK.com, we continue to just GROW GROW GROW!!

Thanks fans and our new friends at AMAZON MUSIC!!


Halshack Ep 20.5 (HALPHABET SHACK) vol 4 (M-P) NOV 2020- bonus
November 05, 2020 07:09 PM PST
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From letters to all those spoken words being heard on the NEW 24-hour radio station, its the BRAND NEW ep in the Halphabet Series vol 4 (M-P)!

New songs and old time recurring tunes round out this vocabulary ordered special series as we zip through our library of talented acts.

Check out the new HALSHACK RADIO!!
Its open 24/7 spinning 60 hours of content every 3 days! We will be adding more as we go along!

You can catch all the "special" exclusive shows for Amazon music and Tambr on the station too if youre listening at the right time. It all plays in order the shows were released. Those shows were put out in the latest ep 20 block!!


get the app or play through the web link go to ZENO.FM and search HALSHACK!!

Halshack Ep 20.5 (HALPHABET SHACK) vol 3 (H-M) OCT 2020- bonus show
October 21, 2020 02:08 AM PDT
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Singing "ABC,123" is how you feel free at the Halshack!

And free is what it will be when you download or stream Vol 3 of my bevy of songsters I decree!...lol ("I was a poet and didn't....") I'm not going to finish that phrase, Its lame just like this bio...lol

Have fun with this amazing group of musicians and fine artists of the whimsical word as well as rhythms!

There is always an upstanding and outstanding group of talent on display on my show. Not one bad song, not one bad band ever!!

Thats the Halshack promise .....GUARANTEED!!!!

Find your fave new song on my show today!!

Find my show on MOST music services and always my website www.halshack.com



You can only hear at AMAZON! Go find it today!!

Thanks for being just awesome fans!

Halshack Ep 20.5 (HALPHABET SHACK) vol. 2 (D-G) Oct 2020- bonus show
October 05, 2020 01:05 PM PDT
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Its that time again! Time for more lessons in our ABC's! Its vol 2 of my eclectic series where we focus on just about every act that has ever been on the Halshack!

Vol. 2 (D-G) with one "C" to decree because I accidentally overlooked this cutie of a "Cooksey" with a sea of potential just oozing from her adorable smile and infectious personality.

She just released a new song too about her recent breakup that evidently shes had an easy time with, she cant even remember his name or came down with a sudden case of amnesia..lol

"Whats his name" makes its worldwide debut here on the Halshack. See, everything works out for a reason and I'm living proof of that..lol

There's some more new tunes in this show as well as tracks barely heard. As always its fun interesting and you never know what youll hear next song. Its a music journey that only I can offer.

Remember these shows have no flow. Its alpha order so you might get your "earwaves" discombobulated but at least its fun while doing it..lol

Find my shows all over the world on most every major music outlet!

New AMAZON MUSIC exclusive series coming soon!


Halshack Ep 20.5 (HALPHABET SHACK) vol. 1 (A-D) Sept 2020-bonus show
September 21, 2020 03:16 PM PDT
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Howdy folks!! I'm pre-planning shows again! I usually don't do that. I sort of "wing it" or look for life cues and well ironically this one cue I got recently to do this show turned into a whole series of the next 8 bonus shows.

So here we go!! Its one song from mostly all 110 (roughly) artists that have been on my show over the course of the past 6 years. Is it their best work? Maybe, maybe not, I dont play the same songs over and over so the listener gets burnt out! I feature all the great tunes from each artist over several different episodes. So these may or may not be the most shining example of the band or it may be a new tune they released or one I never got to in their library. Every show is different and every show gleams with musical harmony and bliss!

Thats my reputation!! Enjoy these different acts. Its not my usual "flow" that I create. Its in alphabetical order so its a mixed bag of music mayhem and fun that only my playlist and connections can offer!!

Its a one of kind unique collection of potential hits from a one of a kind unique guy!!

We just got fired up on AMAZON MUSIC!! Go find us there too along with all the other music services and radio stations and my website that support the show!!


Halshack Ep 20.5 (ROCK AGES 2) Sept 2020- Bonus show
September 06, 2020 08:55 PM PDT
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Well I promised you folks a NEW rock show in my banter from Ep 20! Are you ready to have your age rocked or do you want to rock your age?...lol

Rock is for all ages and rock is ageless timeless music for rocking.

This is a journey through rock/alt unlike anything you will hear anywhere today in the current mainstream market!! We aim to please with some of the FINEST bands the indie community can muster to compete with the mainstream to one day form our own record label and media/music giant!

We got new tunes and new bands like SECRET OF BORIS and The VEER UNION along with new tunes from several of your Halshack faves like STEALING EDEN and TRAPDOOR SOCIAL!

This is a bit heavier show this time around over the first Rock Ages which is fantastic as well.

Were upping our game around the Halshack. We are certainly not filled with dead rocks...lol Our rock is alive and ready to rock everyone through the ages!!

Thanks for rockin' out to our show! Please follow and subscribe to the HALSHACK for more rock goodness!


Halshack Ep 20.5 (VIDS and CANDY) Aug 2020...Bonus show
August 07, 2020 02:38 AM PDT
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WARNING--- EXPLICIT CONTENT (very last song)


New bonus to go along with ep 20!! Lets take a look at some of the great tunes you will hear and see in my new
SHACKVIDS series!!

NEW MUSIC that has NEVER been heard in the podcast feed!!

Grab your copy today then go check out SHACKVIDS at www.halshack.com

TAMBR exclusive coming soon...POPIFY 6 only available on TAMBR later this month (TBA)!!

Thanks so much folks for helping indie music shine!!

Halshack Ep 20 (LOCAL VOCALS) Aug 2020- Main show
August 02, 2020 01:44 PM PDT
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Ep 20 "Local Vocals" Aug 2020

New show featuring a new slew of local homegrown talent. Crossover show with my new exclusive spot coming on TAMBR. New music network solely for the indie artist!!

Be more on this bio later.....

Enjoy and as always find everything on Halshack.com including the new SHACKVIDS reboot of MTV style video shows!!

Have fun!!

Halshack Ep 19.5 (Reclamation Nation) June 2020
June 17, 2020 01:11 PM PDT
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Wow!! 2020 sure has been one helluva year and its ONNNLLYY June...lol.

So much has transpired as of late its hard to keep up with it all. Well..new announcements coming and a BIG LEAP forward for the Halshack.

We're here to "Conquer it All" baby!! More to this story later.....

Halshack (CANADA's EH-LIST) July 2019 official RSS feed 5-29-20
May 29, 2020 01:55 PM PDT
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I've been working with my own top quality bands from Canada for years and some just recently, either way, this is some of the absolute best unsigned undiscovered talent CANADA has to offer. If its better then I just don't know about them yet.

If it has my name on it then its guaranteed to be some of the most eclectic bands and engaging music you have heard in years. These Canadian bands are no exception. Technically brilliant bands and artists with soaring vocals and harmonies to boot just like the beautiful mountains and spacious skies of the GREAT WHITE NORTH!

Over 40k subscribers and growing!! Broadcasted and heard in over 70 major met USA markets and 70 countries around this giant rock we call mother Earth!!

Find me on every major music service including IHEART, ITUNES, STITCHER, and many more!! Just search Halshack or hit up my website!! Easy-peasy Weezy!!

Thank you so much for all the love and support.

Keep rockin' CANADA!!

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