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Halshack Ep. 14.5 (Nashville Dreams)-Mar/Apr 2019- bonus show...music only
March 24, 2019 03:39 AM PDT
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A new phase in life is here and a BIG move is in store sometime in the near future as I take my show and bands to music row in Nashville to open up the shack to the world of business. HALSHACK RECORDS baby!!

I'm looking at possibly setting up shop in Tennessee so this is a clandestine venture for yours truly. Scary thoughts, new city, so far away from friends and family but big dreams ahead as me and the gang (Halshack gang that is) reign down a music storm on Nashville of the best mix of rock, pop, alt and americana you will find anywhere on the planet of present day artists.

As you can imagine I have been very restless of late. Cant sleep, cant eat well, vivid dreams when I do sleep and wide eyed daydreamin' of beautiful girls and the bright lights of Nashville. Hoping to find that cool place I can call Fletcher Bay (reference to ep 13 song from UK artist Harry Pane). So as I reconcile memories of home and past loves to thoughts about a future in the professional music industry with a chance to change the world through music, I press on with guile and determination to succeed. We all have delusions of grandeur but when we have so many quality songs and artists its hard not to see the grand scheme behind all these big dreams, thoughts, memories, and my electric beautiful life that lies ahead of me on this road of stereo dreams.

HIP HIP HOORAY folks!! We almost made it!! Keep dreamin' BIG bands and fans and hopefully the wheels will be rolling soon and we will be inking some deals in music city!!

Thanks for all that you have done to get us this far. We could not have done it without you and your undying love for our family of artists and the indie community!!


Keep up with all things at my website. Tracklist can be found at the shacklists page. Check us on Podomatic, Spotify, Itunes, Castbox, and PlayerFM as well as my website!!

Keep rockin' and sharin' the Halshack. Thanks peeps. You're the best shackheads a guy could ever have!!...lol

Halshack (SAVAGE HENRY) Mar 2019 (SHACKSTARS series-bonus show-music only)
March 03, 2019 12:37 PM PST
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Halshack (Shackstars series) SAVAGE HENRY- Mar 2019 (bonus show- music only)

Hi again everyone..surprise!! Im back with another show for March. I know the end of VERBAL ACTIONS has you sweltering and drooling for more Savage Henry then you've come to the right place.

Life may have forced your hand to look elsewhere for love and respect in your life. Life may be great for you and you may have found never-ending happiness. Whatever the case I hope life is kind to you and opens doors for your future should you feel that same passion as I to change your life and give it meaning, purpose and value. My journey started 20 years ago with a "little" but mighty band from Denver, Co. (ON SECOND THOUGHT) lead singer my buddy and friend Damon. I found love through the music of this wonderful beloved band from high in the rockies.

They forever changed my life. A few years later the original act disbanded and the singer and current drummer at the time co-founded a newer tighter well produced and carefully skilled version of this band and together they formed the clandestine SAVAGE HENRY.

Taken after the poetic and yet disturbed writings and teachings of Hunter S. Thompson (FEAR and LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS) Damon cautiously and painstakingly writes the most catchy hooky songs and Stu Miller blends his magical axe laden skills into a fun delve into deep provocative thought yet adds a layer of fun to their arrangements that just cant be found anywhere in today's music.

This band was the ultimate kick-starter for me and my career. This act has allowed me to build a solid reputation to build my name and earn much respect along the way. Savage Henry and On second Thought will be forever immortalized here at the Halshack. One day when I become a record label then maybe the whole world can enjoy this band as I have for the past 20 years.....

I put together a best of playlist from both of their cd releases "ALL IN" and "STEP LIVELY" (you will notice a subtle shift from ska to more rock with the 2nd album, still great!!)but did not include Alive and Kickin' from All In since it was just played at the end of Verbal Actions (Mar 2019).

So as I look back at my life and reflect on my roots and looking at starting over again with new beginnings. If you folks want to know what makes the Halshack tick and what drove my passion for life, love and music. Then look no further cause this is absolutely the funnest good time rock/ska/pop influenced freakin' band you will ever hear!! Guaranteed or my name is not HALSHACK!!

SIDE NOTE....song "MONKEY" from a ALL IN features MEGADEATH owned 7-string guitar (STU MILLER-guitarist) purchased this guitar from the axe man for MEGADEATH and featured only in the song MONKEY. COOL ASS SONG!! and what a great funky riff written by Stu. WELL DONE GUYS!! HATS OFF TO SAVAGE HENRY!!


HALSHACK Ep 14.5 Verbal Actions 3-3-2019 (bonus show)- music only
March 02, 2019 10:24 PM PST
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Ep 14.5 VERBAL ACTIONS (3-3-2019)
New bonus show music-only

Spring is in the air peeps!! March madness is here and life may be just a little hectic for everyone right now. Spring is a time of action and changing life patterns. You may be starting a new job/career or following a desired passion. You may be thinking of new potential love or where the next verbal action will take you in life whether it be spoken word or move your spirit through physical activity or pleasure.

The universe sends us opportunities now and then to better our lives for the purpose of a common goal and to find true love and happiness along the way. Life's journeys can take us from the mundane to pure fulfillment with a small step and leap of faith. I hope your journey brings you closer to that important goal and person of interest in your life.

Life changes and evolves for everyone on the planet for good, bad, or worse. We never know why the universe treats humanity this way. Is it a cruel game or all by grand design or fate? Not sure which but one day we will all know why in the end choices had to be made to grow and prosper as people.

New roads ahead for the Halshack. 20 years in the making and its time for this diamond in the rough to shine as well. I have found my calling in life through music and my soul purpose in life is too find that special team of dedicated music professionals and label heads that wants to build a record label with me and make the world a happier place one song and one memory at a time for billions of music lovers across the world!!

So whether you're running, climbing, throwing, holding, praying or talking or any other verbal type action, this show fits all. I hope everyone enjoys HALSHACK bands... verbal actions.


Halshack Ep. 14 (My Grapevine Valentine) 2/4/2019
February 04, 2019 12:49 AM PST
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Hiya folks!! Happy Valentines!! Brand new special edition main show, Ep 14 My Grapevine Valentine (2/4/2019). Were all about sharin' the love for this awesome fun music and these very talented artists!!

We got a slew of new artists today as well as a few past greats. Diving into bands like Kingsfoil featuring Frankie Muniz on drums!! Yep you read that right!! As well as a new funk rock act from SPAIN!! Wow!!

Our staff members have been busy churning out some new reviews and we will also have a new spotlight centerpiece posted at my website for the new MYSTERY SPOTLIGHT band!! We are also putting some Americana focus on a couple Homegrown artists from NC and SC. New review and interview coming for THE FAMILY from Greensboro, NC from our newest staff member Nate Potts.

Show is growing immensely and its only because of you the listener!! Thank you to everyone for making us the best in indie music!!


Find us on Spotify, ITunes, Podomatic, Castbox, and PlayerFM as well as my website.

Pandora comin' soon.......

You can find all song titles and artists played for each episode posted at my website under SHACKLISTS

Halshack Ep. 14.5 (LOVESHACK) bonus show- Music Only
February 04, 2019 01:16 AM PST
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Ep 14 Bonus show LOVESHACK- (music only) released 2/4/2019

Its the Loveshack baby!! A little ole' place we can get together to hear hit music!! The usual quality you have come to expect from yours truly.

Song titles dealing with all things love, from promises to heart to feeling good and all love subjects in-between!! Its a party, not a bunch of sappy love songs, you will never hear sappy slow stuff on my show. Were all about feeling the love for our great artists and you should too!

Some new tunes in here as well from some our past acts. Its a bonus show, so any of our bands are fair game for being a target for Halshack's LOVE arrow!!

Get it while it's hot an' heavy around the Halshack for Valentine's Day!!


Halshack (Jan 2019)- Destination Unknown (bonus show...music only)
December 30, 2018 09:14 PM PST
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Happy New Year folks!! Its 2019 and time to ring in the new year with a new bonus show (music only-theme series)


We're all so busy this time of year with Christmas and New Years that you never know where you will wind up. Hence the title..it might be a party out of town or a family get-together or just chillin' at home. Who knows right?

You may find yourself drunk as a skunk playing the fiddle naked in your neighbors rose garden..lol (GOD forbid) but it is New Year's Eve so whether your driving down the road to your buddies ho-down or your heading to see some awesome fireworks or even drivin' home to park it on the recliner, Halshack is sure to please your musical tastes and satisfy your new music fix.

Thanks for listening and sharing and as always you can find the tracklist posted at my website under SHACKLISTS.

EP 14 (Main Show) will be out by mid-Feb is the ETA. Stay tuned to everything Halshack at my website.



Halshack Ep 13.5 (Light My Fire) 11-29-18 music only bonus show
November 29, 2018 11:54 AM PST
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Hey folks. Here's another outstanding music only show for your ears to enjoy! Part of my new theme series of shows that we will feature once a month till I run out of music...Ha! as if..lol

Anyway, this one will have song titles about all things light and fire from light to bright to shine to flame, burning, gasoline, explode etc....you get the point!!

As always I will post the tracklist at my website under SHACKLISTS page.

You can find the show posted on a number of platforms from my website to SPOTIFY, PLAYERFM, PODOMATIC, ITUNES, and CASTBOX as well as others. It can be streamed or downloaded. So go listen and enjoy the very best in indie music!

HALSHACK Ep 13 "Lucky 13" (10/29/18)
October 29, 2018 06:34 AM PDT
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Its the "Lucky 13" and time for the Halloween theme and the bonus ep "Hallowshack". This time around we got 13 very "indie" bands and artists with just the right amount of new flare meets familiar. We got a new popular band Fate Under Fire whose currently involved with the excellent Netflix TV show (13 Reasons Why).

We got some new staff members and writing review crew so please welcome Brandon Barnes and Nate Potts to the crew. Both of them come with decades experience working in FM radio and they have come on board in support of the show and our plight.

We got more new Paper Jackets exclusive tracks plus plenty other neat surprises including new acts from across the pond in Ireland and Great Britain.

Be sure to check out the new bonus episode (music only) the "Hallowshack". Gonna feature song titles (maybe a band name) dealing with all things Halloween from dark to black to death and dying. Gonna be a "hell of a party"..lol

As always, give me some time and all tracks for both new shows will be posted at the website.



Thanks for listening and enjoying!!

Hallowshack Ep 13.5 (Hallowshack)-music only bonus show 10-30-18
October 30, 2018 09:28 PM PDT
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Happy Halloween folks! Special theme show, all song titles or band names dealing with anything Halloween from death to dying to black to dark to killers. Ill post a track list on my website on the Shacklists page as soon as I get a chance.

So for now just enjoy a 1 hour music only party on the house from yours truly here at the Halshack Indie Rockcast.

You will hear new songs from past greats of the show as well as past hits and even some special "live" tracks from Savage Henry and the Future Thieves (new band from EP 13 "Lucky 13". Go check that out too if you have not yet.

Have a fun, happy, safe Halloween and as always hand those keys to your buddy and never drink and drive.



Ep 12.5 "ShackSlayers" (Sept 2018) ...music only
September 03, 2018 11:21 PM PDT
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For all you "Rockaholics" anonymous members out there. Its the best of Stealing Eden and SCS. Feast your ears on a 1 hour smackdown (music only) of these 2 metalriffic rock powerhouses!! IMO the best 2 mainstream rock ready bands I've discovered and for that matter the best 2 rock acts (BIG FMradio bands included) that we've had the pleasure of showcasing in the past decade!! These 2 bands stack up against some of the best that have ever graced the stage pros or indie! TOO GOOD TO BE UNKNOWN!!

You can find the tracklist at my website under Shacklists.


And reviews for both these bands from our excellent staff.


Find us on Podomatic, Spotify, Itunes, Castbox and PlayerFM as well as others.


Thanks so much for rockin' and sharin' the Halshack.

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