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Narrow Plains (London, UK)...Evermore
October 04, 2016 10:54 AM PDT
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Narrow Plains...spotlight band Ep. 6 and a special interview with me when they won a HUGE contest to come to NC to work with a famed producer and played a couple shows.(find it archived at Fandalism...link at my website)

Here we have an eclectic 3 piece made up of 2 brothers and their lead singer, all best of childhood friends.

They are known as Narrow Plains from across the giant pond in jolly ole England also known as the UK.

These guys have a massive twitter audience of over 60,000 and have been winning contests and gaining worldwide attention as they forge on to a bright future in the music industry. Industry heads have been taking notice of this band...you should too.

They have released a couple ep's and just recently a brand new full length CD...this is a new song from that cd. Hope you enjoy!!

Find all other great tunes, reviews, articles, and all indie goodies at my website!!



The Family (Greensboro, NC) ....Stray
June 10, 2017 01:11 PM PDT
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Best known in the area for their rockabilly meets bluegrass head on into a culture shock of melding musical styles that is "The Family". Ive seen this band "live" with Narrow Plains on Memorial Day weekend 2015. It was an excellent stroll down a musical journey of pop dance bluegrass and Americana all melded into a tye-dyed frenzy of folklore and good times.

This track "Stray" strays away from the norm of their playlist but I feel it shows the pure raw vocal strengths and abilities of this group. It seems to outshine the rest of their songs but not to downplay the bands other releases. Just really dang good in my opinion.

See what you think of local homegrown favorites from Greensboro, NC "the Family". They have been in rotation on the show in past episodes 6 and 7. Go back and listen. Good shows indeed.

Thanks for rockin the Halshack!






Jaryd Smith (Johannesburg, South Africa)...Take it to the Light
October 20, 2016 10:03 PM PDT
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Americana style at its best!! Strange that I would find this sound buried at the southern tip of the African continent but that's exactly where this good chap calls home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jaryd Smith is his name and harmonica skills are his game. This fellow is quite talented from captivating vocals to guitar licks to percussion to the harmonica. He's a one man music machine and I for one am very proud to have him as part of the Halshack.

show website-keep up with all your fave songs, videos, reviews and other music tidbits here!!



Jaryd Smith--social and music sites



Shades of J (San Clemente, CA) ...Heartbreak Game
May 16, 2017 02:54 PM PDT
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The Shades of J are a hoot! These guys crack me up at every turn with their witty charming writing skills and their legendary vocal abilities. Blending bluegrass an Americana with southern blues rock in a masterful way.

These guys could charm the pants off about any avid music lover with their soulful singing and very stylized playing skills.

These fellas aim to please with a tidy following in the SoCal area thats growing as more people are hearing their message.

They play all over SoCal so if you live there get out and support the J's that sport shades...lol

(on a side note...they got their name because all members names start with the letter J...lol)





Starving Artists (Toronto, CAN)....Handshake
May 09, 2017 06:28 PM PDT
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This rockin' Canadian quartet has been with me for dang near a decade. I discovered them when I stumbled across their 2009 cd "Blend" and they have released 3 more since.

I featured them as my "Mystery Spotlight" for ep. 2. They had a great first cd titled "Blend" which was produced using funds won from a Toronto B100 radio contest worth $10,000.

They have been diligently working hard and playing out around the Toronto region building their brand.

This song "Handshake" was off their 2013 cd "Ideas" and featured their new drummer Neil Mavor. Good tune with a solid sound. Hope you enjoy!





The UK's (Kansas City, MO)...Sir Fish
September 18, 2016 02:42 PM PDT
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Inherently good stickiness shows through solidly in this brand new track (Sir Fish) from young but experienced Kansas City rockers (The UK's) and is Uncle Marcus's pick of the litter off their new cd "Bad Seed" released Summer 2016.

Uncle Marcus serving up thoughtful and clever reviews for www.Halshack.com

Find this review for the UK's plus others at www.Halshack.com/crews-views

VerseCity (Houston, TX)....Tik Tok Rok
October 04, 2016 12:30 AM PDT
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DAMN!!! is all I have to say..I cant believe Kesha ever made this song cause Verse City has outgunned and outshined her in every way imaginable on this track.

VerseCity hailing from Houston,TX

I dont normally promote covers, in fact its rare you will hear me do this but this is one of those sparse occasions where the cover is way more deserving of attention and praise than the original. See what you think...

I will say they changed just enough of the song to own it and make it theirs..new lyrics, added guitar sections and solos, new ending..its a whole new song......VerseCity style!!

Please be sure to check out all the great happenings at my website and read some stellar reviews for all our bands including a possible review for this very band right here may be in the pipeline in the near future.



Narrow Plains interview with Halshack at Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC (5-23-15)
May 05, 2017 11:29 PM PDT
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London UK band Narrow plains won a very important contest and got to come to NC and work with famed producer John Davenport and I was fortunate enough to get to meet with the guys and have a beer and a few good laughs as we have a go with my very first "live" interview.

Thanks fellas, very glad we got to meet and record this session. Just awesome!!



link to new song "evermore"


Halshack Indie Rockcast (Ep. 8) Aug 16 2016 ////Only the best new indie rock, pop, alt\\\\
August 16, 2016 09:54 AM PDT
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Halshack Indie Rockcast -----100k plays on Fandalism--top 5 at Mixcloud-- Top 8% social users earned expert in bands by Klear and 19 expert badges for music/radio/indie/DJ by Klout--- been added to 90 lists on Twitter--featured on Trendwave

Im new to Podomatic so its time to ROCK!!

BIG THANK YOU to all my fans, bands, and supporters. All these cool accolades would not be possible without YOU!!

Halshack is a radio show, public relations manager, indie A&R rep, talent scout and band promo label....oh and almost forgot we write articles and reviews too (whew!!...im busy when you write it all down..lol)

Reason this show is so cool!!! Im about to tell you. I have many segments that drive the listening experience!
Each segment is a 2 song block with no interruptions! (beginning with episode 8)

x2 means there are 2 segments

Alt Vault x2 (new for ep.8)

Pop Stop x2 (big news, world premier songs this show)

Rock Block x3 (surprise extra rock block this show with lots of new kick ass rock for your ears)

Funk Trunk (ska, reggae, funk)
Blues Grooves (americana)
Breakout Artist of the Month
Shacktrack of the Month
Carolina Homegrown band of the Month

(I live in NC and always on the hunt for great local talent from both N and S Carolina)

and my proud creation!!

Mystery Spotlight x2
(mystery band, no one knows who, not even the band......big surprise!!!)

My main focal countries are obviously the USA but I get cozy with our Canadian neighbors as well as our friends across the " pond" in jolly ole England. I have even found an amazing artist in Africa and a phenomenal alt rock band on the little tiny island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea called Malta. Shows you that nowhere is safe from the "clutches" of the Halshack...lol

Thank you to all my fans, bands, and supporters. My success is only because of you, this is a team effort and I am proud to have all of you batting for the Halshack!!

Halshack is an independent A&R rep with 15+ years in the music business scouring the indie scene for the best and the brightest unsigned indie talent in the world!!

Halshack is an indie promo label with 35 bands and artists under his name and most of these groups and solo artists are in viable mainstream contention for potential success and possible stardom for these vying hopefuls. I pride myself on finding top quality rising acts that have made a name for themselves in their respective genres. What you will hear on my show rivals no other indie rock show on the planet. My groups are grade A top-notch artists and musicians that have attained massive followings and semi successful careers with opening for major acts and touring across the country and across the world.

I look for and aspire to finding only artists that mimic what you would hear on major broadcast radio stations mainly in rock, alt and top 40 but I also include a little reggae, ska, funk and americana as well. You will find a lot of diversity on my show and nothing but solid radio ready tunes one after the other. My musicians have mad skills and they are the drive behind my passion, motivation, and determination to see them succeed in this vast ever changing music landscape.

Halshack is also looking for a team of writers/bloggers to help review and write spotlight articles and pieces on bands and artists involved in the show. i have a couple of people to write but need more, lots more..lol

Review page

Well halshack is busting at the seems with talent and the potential to cause mass mayhem among the music industry..lol
In order to make this the best indie podcast and to continue to grow the indie music community here at the halshack, then we could use a little monetary assistance to make this really take off!! 100,000 plays is great but lets make it a million, then people are really hearing whats going on here at the Halshack but only way we can do that is by help from the fans, bands, promoters, and supporters. Anything you want to give will be much appreciated and just know that you got the gratification of helping to grow and nurture something that is bigger than all of us...the indie music scene!!
(paypal donate button---scroll down)

"You can shine or get in line..lol... I, for one, plan to stand up, stand out, and be heard by revolutionizing the music industry one indie band at a time"------Halshack quote

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