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Tribal Theory (San Diego, Ca)....Burnin'
May 25, 2017 10:32 PM PDT
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Tribal Theory has been burning up the eardrums of fans and the radio waves all over SoCal and beyond. Numerous radio and TV appearances to support their ever expanding follower base have contributed to their rise in indie notoriety. Enough so that they caught the attention Of the infamous California based reggae band "The Expendables"!

Currently they are on a tour with "The Expendables" playing dates all over the US and even a show in the Netherlands???...What??? Who knew they loved reggae in the land of the Dutch....lol

Great to have these guys on board as they are also the "MYSTERY SPOTLIGHT" for ep. 9. This track "Burnin" has been tearing up the reggae charts on Reverbnation and has garnered them many featured spots on the website and also the title for #1 band in San Diego. its been featured on my show as well on Ep.8 in the "Funk Trunk" segment.

Thanks for checking out Tribal Theory and our show as well as all the songs posted here at Podomatic.


Be on the lookout for a possible spotlight article review for this band at my website from my team of no nonsense (well sometimes..ok not often..lol) experienced gurus of the musical blogging universe.

Hoonch (La, Cali)....1984
May 10, 2017 11:24 PM PDT
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Born from the ashes in the breakup of Cali pop kings Walla. Vocalist Jonathan Kim and keyboard/backing vocals Gabriel Rodriguez, citing creative differences packed up their toys and headed for a new sandbox to play in.

The duo were quite the creative driving force behind Walla and they have really dug deep on this new album and found the "pop" spark that made Walla so famous. They drew from all 4 of their past ep's to bring us one awesome stellar 6 song ep "Audio Paradisio" that represents the very best of Walla and builds upon that sound to bring us an all new "pop masterpiece".

I swear if this cd were to fall in the hands of the right major label these guys would be multi platinum stars.

Well... another homerun from the Halshack!! Were batting a thousand...come root for us to #1 show on all of Podomatic.


Spank (Winston-Salem, NC) ....Breathing
June 11, 2017 11:37 AM PDT
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Here we have a hard working eclectic 4 piece rock band hailing from the Triad region of North Carolina. Spank has built a solid reputation in the area for high energy original songs and cover tunes to boot. If youre a local club in the area, you would be wise to book this band for a night and you would ask them back again and again.

Spank's mentor and world renowned producer (Mitch Easter) lives in the area (Fidelitorium Studios) and has worked with famous acts such as Michael Stipe and R.E.M.

Spank won a "Battle of the Bands" contest I was holding back in 2009 in Greensboro and we have forever been friends. These guys bring a good mix of hair band 80's rock and infuse it with a modern edge that works well across their range of 3 very distinct lead singers.

Give them a go...they are sure to please your ears and eyes if you ever catch them in action.

Quick memo..."Jody Blevins" bass player for Spank passed away awhile back. Very sad for the band and I was grateful to have met Jody. He will forever be honored at my website.



Airport Impressions (Island Of Malta)....Let it Shine
October 03, 2016 11:05 PM PDT
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Many lasting impressions this band leaves behind in their wake after a show or just listening to their very stylish professional sound.

Airport Impressions flying all the way in from the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta. There's no where in the world that's safe from the clutches of the Halshack!!..lol

Let it Shine.... off their 2nd album release "Marietta". Amazing song with thundering drums and stellar vocal work as well as a diverse fantastic rhythm section, its no wonder this band was my mystery spotlight for Episode 7.

Be sure to check out their excellent spotlight article written by master blogger M. Stuart Persson and be sure to take a listen to episode 7 where I featured 4 songs by this talented quartet from Malta!!

Spotlight article link

episode 7 direct link

Be sure to check out all the great songs, videos, other podcasts, pics, info, reviews and so much more info can be found at my website and my great writing staff at our Crews Views page.



Thank you for supporting indie music and rockin' the Halshack!!

facebook link for Airport Impressions


Savage Henry (Denver. CO) .....Unrequited
May 19, 2017 10:28 PM PDT
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Savage Henry has been a staple name for years around Colorado and are one of the top bands to ever premiere from the snowy peaks of the rockies. This band has had numerous concerts in the hundreds playing for large crowds and opening for rock bands like Cowboy Mouth, Better than Ezra, Guster, and Marcy's Playground. Several radio appearances and rotated play on FM rock stations around the area. These guys aim to please with every show and every song. Hope you love this track as much as I have over the years. Such a fantastic track!! Still needs to be heard by everyone. www.halshack.com <<<>>>> Savage Henry is on permanent hiatus...if they ever decide to reunite..it will be amazing..until then just enjoy this track on the house.
Spaceship Days (Raleigh, NC) .....Heartbeat
June 08, 2017 10:46 PM PDT
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Former American Idol semi-finalist Season 11....Adam Lee Decker needed a band to front...he was in luck (North Carolina homegrown band) Spaceship Days needed a singer...it was destiny. The band quickly melded with their new lead and off they went to semi-stardom.

Numerous concerts in the region as well as several awards for best local band, best band in the state and so forth. Garnered them enough attention that they got in the race for a "grammy" nomination for their track "December" off their freshmen release with their new found vocal deity.

The band continues to grow their fan base of 20k strong and has just released a new cd. Hope you enjoy this track "Heartbeat" from their second and probably their best cd release "Saving the Universe"

So give it up for the local boys from NC who used to be in a band called "grey" many many moons ago...Ive known these guys for a long dang time..Ive had the pleasure of watching them grow!!

www.halshack.com www.twitter.com/halshack www.halshack.podomatic.com www.halshack.com/crews-views www.numberonemusic.com/halshackindierockcast

Dangermaker (San Francisco, CA) ....Something More
May 08, 2017 06:28 PM PDT
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What an excellent rock band, primed and ready for the masses. This band has a solid footing in the bay area and continues to reach outward setting their horizons on national success.

They have a handful of radio ready well produced tunes for the commercial market and could do well on the rockwaves in any city USA.

Be on the lookout for more from this rising quartet out of Cali, as they are sure to impress many on their rise to possible fame.




Open Sails (Calgary, Alb..CAN) These Same Mistakes
May 14, 2017 11:18 PM PDT
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Dang good front woman for this thundering rock band out of Canada.

I don't find many really good strong female singers much less female-fronted bands so when i stumbled across this band I instantly gravitated toward their band and sound.

This girl and band are the real deal!! See what you think about Open Sails...do they have what it takes to set their sites on new horizons?...... I believe they most certainly do!




Thanks for rockin the Halshack folks!!

Find 3 songs you can only get here at #1 music.......

Luke Potter (London, UK) -Ready or Not
May 07, 2017 12:18 PM PDT
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One of Britian's brightest and talented future stars!!

Luke has a HUGE following on Twitter with over 300,000 fans. Luke travels all over the UK spreading his good vibes and melting hearts along the way.

He has established himself as a premiere indie pop act and has been catching the eyes of industry music leaders across England and the world. Luke has a strong creative team behind him and his music as well as a powerful support staff that have helped vault him to minor celebrity status in the UK.

So glad to have Luke as part of my team here at Halshack Indie Rockcast and look forward to more fantastic "hits" from the Luke Potter camp in the future.

Luke has released a full-length cd and I believe he has one on the way. We have featured "Ready or Not" and "all the Same" in past shows and are slated for repeat in the near future as we wit for more top pop "hits" from Luke Potter.

Thanks Luke for being on my team. I really appreciate all the support!!





Stealing Eden (Vacouver, BC Canada)...Never Give Up
October 02, 2016 12:31 PM PDT
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Just one more absolute primed and ready rock band for the masses!!

Stealing Eden from Vancouver, BC Canada

Aiming to please with every track and over 40,000 cd sales to boot. No label involved, unsigned and open to be reviewed by label interest.

These guys are the real deal!! Super solid, super sticky vocals and playing abilities are allowing this band to stand out among the millions of hopefuls.

Check out their brand new review by Andrew J. Liles (former affiliate scout for Road Runner records website) at my website.


Be sure to read all the other great reviews from Andrew and the rest of our no-nonsense blogging team and get the skinny on your favorite unsigned indie bands here at the halshack!!

Also listen to some songs and download them or listen to a show and download it too. Plethora of videos to watch too and lots of info for your eyes and ears...keep up with all things halshack at.....


Thank you for rockin' and readin' the Halshack!!

direct link to most recent podcast episode 8 rel Aug 2016


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